Toward the Jugular
with Francesca Bell

Francesca Bell on the stridency of social discourse, her poetry, fears, and her work in Arabic-to-English translation as political act.    read full 


Living Your Truth
with Justin Phillip Reed

Justin Phillip Reed on writing into a Trump presidency, capitalism's opposition to the spiritual, pursuing the diabolical as imaginative weaponry, and peers whose work he's grateful for.    read full


Go Into Yourself
with Safia Jama

Safia Jama on the role of creative writers post Election 2016, negotiating distance from social media, and integrating a writing life and teaching.    read full


Listening to the Land Saves My Life, with Will Falk

Wilk Falk on the language of the biosphere, surviving suicidal depression, and resisting the dominant culture.    read full


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