An interviewer recently asked me to describe this site to her audience and, as usual, I waved my hands in circles beside my ears and did the best I could. A discussion thread without the thread? I think I said the word "curated" a couple times. The Great Discontent meets my own personal Quora? Elevator pitches I'm bad at, plus I had no idea TGD and Quora existed when I began here. Plus that'd be putting too much on it. This site is hosted by Squarespace. 

I told this interviewer that I too enjoy interviewing, but that it's hard to make interviews walk; they function pretty much the way about-pages do. They provide Person B with more info on Person A because B was already interested in A, or in A's material, before ever reading the interview. They're more borrowed chargers than lightning rods: interviews. 

Instead of coming up with a set of questions and forwarding that set to one person, then another, I come up with a single question and forward it to a set of people at a time. For someone in my position there are practical benefits to reversing things this way, one of them being relief from the burden of having to wear down a "person of interest" every time I want to do something. The kind of rejection you sign on for, in order to do straight interviews, ones that have a chance of being read by more than six people, when you don't have a power-venue behind you, is not the kind of rejection you get from submitting to literary journals, and not the "oh well I tried" feeling you get when your fan letter goes unanswered, it's both. 

The contributors here are mainly writers and readers of fiction and poetry, since that's what I am, but the range is wide: from novelists reviewed in the NYT to apprentice poets under online handles, and everything in between—indies, the agented, punks, bestsellers, genre loyalists, literati—the door's pretty open. 

You can walk in here

Jason Howell Hamilton does freelance work for authors he knows fairly well. He's worked in marketing and never will again. He's worked as a dishwasher and may well again. Once upon a time he's had fiction in The Sun and in journals now defunct. That's how long it's been. He's blogged for The Mental Illness Happy Hour and written ad-copy more recently. He once cut Maya Angelou off in traffic. She drove a diminutive yellow Dodge and gave him that big open-mouthed smile when he wouldn't stop staring at her in the rear-view. He's headed back to Uni soon because housing in the Bay Area. Here's his twitter, goodreads and email.


email: howlarium[at]outlook[dot]com